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SY3S01: Referral coursework: ADA IPC

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Referral Coursework: ADA IPC

In the middle 1980’s the programming language ADA was promoted as the successor to Modula-2 and as the language for the all Department of Defence (USA) contracts.

Your task is to produce a report (not more than 3000 words) in which you reexamine the language ADA. You should examine how effective ADA would be in creating a microkernel. Outline the features which are lacking in ADA for such a project and also those features which neatly map onto a microkernel.

Secondly you must examine the synchronisation mechanism (rendez-vous) which is promoted by ADA and contrast this to the Dijkstra’s (P/V) Wait and Signal mechanism which we covered in class.

Assignment type

This assignment must be your own work. You are encouraged to read around the subject and use the Internet.

You must cite all references.