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Breakout source code
Ideas on how to extend PGE
Interesting aspects of the breakout implementation
Interesting aspects of the frozenbubble implmentation
Interesting aspects of the matchsticks implementation
Methods and classes.
Overview of breakout
Overview of frozenbubble
Overview of matchsticks
PGE Python API
Section and subsections
class event
class object
event.at_cancel (i)
event.at_time (t, p)
event.batch ()
event.cancel (self)
event.collision_between (self)
event.deregister_handler (pyeventlist)
event.display_fullscreen (b)
event.display_set_mode (r)
event.finish_record ()
event.fps (f)
event.get_font (size)
event.get_frame_no ()
event.get_timer_id (self)
event.gravity (value=-9.81)
event.interactive ()
event.record ()
event.register_handler (function, pyeventlist) (t=-1)
event.runbatch (t)
event.runpy (t=-1)
event.was_cancelled (self)
object.accel (self, ax, ay)
object.apply_impulse (self, unit_vec, magnitude) (x, y, w, h, c, level = 0) (x, y, r, c, level = 0)
object.draw (self, c, w)
object.end (self, c)
object.fix (self)
object.get_colour (self)
object.get_mass (self)
object.get_param (self)
object.get_unit_coord (self)
object.get_width (self)
object.get_xaccel (self)
object.get_xpos (self)
object.get_xvel (self)
object.get_yaccel (self)
object.get_ypos (self)
object.get_yvel (self)
object.is_fixed (self)
object.mass (self, m)
object.mid (self, c)
object.moving_towards (self, x, y)
object.on_collision (self, p)
object.on_collision_with (self, another, p)
object.poly3 (x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2, c, level = 0)
object.poly4 (x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, c, level = 0)
object.put_xaccel (self, f)
object.put_xvel (self, f)
object.put_yaccel (self, f)
object.put_yvel (self, f)
object.rgb (r, g, b)
object.rm (self)
object.set_colour (self, c)
object.set_param (self, value)
object.set_width (self, value)
object.spring (ob1, ob2, k, d, l = None)
object.text (x, y, s, c, size, level)
object.unfix (self)
object.velocity (self, vx, vy)
object.when (self, l, p)
object.white ()