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Image grohtml-27812.png his page briefly describes how GNU Modula-2 can be built as a cross compiler. It should not be considered as a definitive source for cross compiling, but serves to show how it can be done given the tar balls listed here. It provides a script which builds the binutils, gcc and Modula-2 compilers from source for the purpose of cross compiling to the Windows platform.


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To cut to the chase, download the script. This script will download gcc, gm2, binutils and w32api. It then builds these tools and installs them. Note that the total download is approximately 42 Mbytes.

The script came from the MinGW site (I only modified it to include the GNU Modula-2 configure build and install).

It would be sensible to check the script before you run it - and perhaps use it as an install guide.

It might be a good idea to perform a dry run of the script and run the commands by hand - and only execute the make install as root. I’ve run it on my machine without a problem, but your mileage might vary. If are successful in building GNU Modula-2 as a cross compiler please would you send a brief email to the GNU Modula-2 mailing list.

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