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What games exist on Mint?

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What games exist on Mint?
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Probably quite a few, check the pull down menu. However quake1, quake2 and quake3 are also installed. The quake series of game work well in J208. Each game can be run from the command line via the commands:

$ q1

$ q2

$ q3

respectively. All three games are the latest modified engines. Worth special note is the quake1 engine which is the darkplaces engine, this engine has probably received the most amount of work and it is currently installed with a 2.8GByte textures addon. If you have ever seen the original quake1 you should try this out just to see the difference. You must try it in J208 and wind the game resolution up to 1900x1200, which should give you an average frame rate of 80 frames per second.

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