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18. Interface to TeX

TeX mode is enabled by the −t option. In TeX mode, pic will define a vbox called \graph for each picture. You must yourself print that vbox using, for example, the command


Actually, since the vbox has a height of zero this will produce slightly more vertical space above the picture than below it;

\centerline{\raise 1em\box\graph}

would avoid this.

You must use a TeX driver that supports the tpic specials, version 2.

Lines beginning with \ are passed through transparently; a % is added to the end of the line to avoid unwanted spaces. You can safely use this feature to change fonts or to change the value of \baselineskip. Anything else may well produce undesirable results; use at your own risk. Lines beginning with a period are not given any special treatment.

The TeX mode of pic(1) will not translate troff font and size changes included in text strings!

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