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UKSim groff macros

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UKSim groff macros
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If you wish to use groff to prepare UKSim conference and related journal papers then you might wish to download the tar ball here. The tar ball consists of a UKSim macro set, skeleton paper and some example journal and conference papers which have been published in the UKSim conference and International Journal of Simulation.

The advantages of using this macro set are as follows:

  • it automatically sets the page length, gutter width, font size for the appropriate conference or journal specification. the makefile contains rules to generate html, xhtml, PostScript and pdf versions from the same source file.
  • the macros automatically capitalise the titles, section headings appropriately for journal and conference hard-copy publication. However they pass through lower case section headings and titles for xhtml and html production.
  • only one source file will generate all above outputs.
  • non wysiwyg, so you can concentrate on content and let groff take care of formatting.
  • if you really wish to engage in micro typography - then the macro set provides a number of esthetic typographical features.
  • the makefile comes with a view rule which starts up an interactive PostScript viewer, so you can see immediately the effect of your changes once you save the source file from your favourite editor.
  • the tar ball includes the relevant configuration for references, adding your references is trivial and groff will ordering and typeset your references in the correct house style.

Caveat, these advantages really only apply if you are familiar with groff or LaTeX. If you have only used WORD then the learning curve will be steep.

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